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Floral Chelsea Boot

Looking for a stylish and comfortable boot? look no further than the floralchelsea boot! This style is perfect for any weather conditions. With a contemporary look, this boot is sure to make a statement.

Floral Chelsea Boots

I absolutely love my new boots! They are so comfortable and look so lovely. The service from measure up was great – they are very helpful and made sure that I got the right size and style. I definitely recommend them!

Floral Platform Chelsea Boots

We are using natural materials like flower petals and grasses in our platform boots. We used a poetic way of creating a brogue look and feel. The leaves and branches are used as a source of light and the heels of the boots are plush with a softness to give a fanciful look. This shoe is a piece of craft from italian hand made fantasy. A chelsea booty is all that are made. There is a formal feel to these boots and you will feel yourself taking on a formal role. These boots are a piece of craft from italian hand made fantasy. this is a new floral chelsea boot! She loves the color and the style. These boots are a great value too! we are excited to release our newest pair of floral chelsea booties! These booties are white western ankle boot booties with shoes floral lace stacked heel cowgirl sz 8. They are perfect for anyolfactory experience! the floral chelsea boot is perfect for a special occasion. This shoe is filled with style and beauty, with a limited printing and a beautiful floralprint. The size is 37. 5 us and is made of real leather. It is in the shape of a d, with aulu branding. It is also filled with; marquetry and perforated stars. This shoe is filled with meaning and beauty, with a beautiful and unique design.